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Controlling the solid-state of APIs using supercritical fluids



Luis Padrela is a lecturer in Industrial Biochemistry within the Department of Chemical Sciences and a researcher at the SSPC within the Bernal Institute. Luis studied Biochemistry at undergraduate level before obtaining his PhD in Chemical Engineering at the University of Lisbon. Following his PhD, Luis worked in the pharmaceutical industry for almost 2 years (Hovione, Portugal) before joining SSPC in the University of Limerick.

Luis’ research focuses on particle engineering technologies, continuous nanocrystallization and (bio)pharmaceutical processing using supercritical fluid technology.


Research Team

The Padrela research group currently consists of 2 post-doctoral researchers and 2 PhD students.



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Recent Articles

Solubility and thermodynamic analysis of ketoprofen in organic solvents.
Development and validation of a two-dimensional population balance model for a supercritical CO2 antisolvent batch crystallization process.
A rational approach towards spray drying of biopharmaceuticals: The case of lysozyme.
Investigating Process Variables and Additive Selection To Optimize Polymorphic Control of Carbamazepine in a CO2 Antisolvent Crystallization Process.