Title: Controlled Nucleation for the Continuous Crystallization of Nanopharmaceuticals

The main goal of this project is to develop the science and engineering on the control of nucleation and crystallization of APIs (Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients) from solutions using molecular additives, by combining anti-solvent supersaturation/nucleation, spray atomization/drying and fluidized bed coating into a single continuous scalable process.

SFI Frontiers
Funding Body: Science Foundation Ireland
    • Control the crystal habit and size of APIs in the nano size range, generating pharmaceutical
      nanoparticles with improved physicochemical properties such as solubility and dissolution
    • Understand how molecular additives interact with APIs at the molecular level and impact
      crystal nucleation/polymorphic outcome.
    • Continuously isolate/coat the spray dried API nanoparticles onto micron-sized polymeric
      excipients using novel fluidized bed methods
Team members: Barry Long, Luis Padrela (Lead PI), Damien Thompson (Collaborator)
Website: SFI Frontiers